Divinity and Grace


I offer psychic intuitive tarot readings for people seeking greater clarity, perspective and insights about their life’s purpose and to benefit their spiritual health, wellbeing and growth. And to help them make more sense of current challenges and circumstances affecting their daily life.

What to expect

I use clairsentience and claircognizance when I’m giving a reading. My toolkit includes psychic tarot, astrology, numerology and the pendulum. Any or all of these may be used during a reading.

Your reading will usually include some astro-numerology insights in addition to your in-depth psychic tarot reading using two or more tarot spreads.

You can choose to more clarity and perspective around a particular issue, question or area of your life.


  • 45-60 minute psychic tarot face-to-face reading  (AU$100)
  • 45-60 minute psychic tarot reading via Zoom or phone (AU$100)
  • Group bookings for parties and events, by arrangement (AU$100 per hour for a minimum 3 hours, plus appropriate time and costs allocated for travel and set-up/pack-up). 

Readings are available in-person, live virtual (via Zoom or FaceTime) and by phone.

My commitment

My personal and professional integrity as a practitioner in this field is of the utmost importance to me and my reputation.

I am a member of the Victorian Spiritualists Union, Australian Spiritual Alliance, Tarot Guild of Australia and Federation of Australian Astrologers. I faithfully abide by each of their respective Codes of Conduct and Ethics.

I look forward to being at your service.

Susan Elizabeth