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I come from a family line of psychic women on both sides going back at least three generations. But I believe I’m the first to have developed and use mine openly.

As I’ve learned how to use my psychic and mediumship abilities, my mother – in her 80s – has also come to realise her heightened abilities. Looking back on the life of her own mother – my grandmother Dorothy Grace – we can see she too showed signs of being very psychic but kept it under wraps.

Mum recalls as a young child having the same group of women come over every week to ‘play cards’ with Nanna. No-one was allowed to disturb them and Mum’s pretty sure now those cards were tarot.

I remember as a schoolgirl being curious about seances and ouija boards, and my Nanna telling me very sternly not to play with things I didn’t understand. I found out later that as a young woman, she’d been playing with a ouija board with her friends for fun, only to be frightened out of their wits when the pointer started furiously darting all over the board.

I don’t know if or how far she chose to take her psychic abilities in her life, but I do remember her being extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings and seeming to have an innate ability to read people.

As for me, discovering and developing my psychic abilities has been somewhat unremarkable. I was certainly very sensitive and empathetic as a young girl, often living in a world of imagination. I did see the occasional apparitions as a teenager and into my 20s before I got married and started a family. My most vivid memory is seeing my Pop at the end of my bed on the morning he died. But apart from these apparently paranormal experiences, there was nothing about me or my life that was out of the ordinary.

My early career was as a journalist before joining the Army as a public relations officer. To my surprise, I thrived in the discipline and challenge of military life – and learning the value of routine, camaraderie and getting out of my comfort zone.

After the army, I was lured into the world of media and corporate communications. I ran on almost constant adrenaline for 25 years, working with and for all kinds of people from top brass to everyday battlers, in all kinds of environments from hospitals and prisons to local councils and community services. When my children were young I turned to freelance writing and discovered a love for feature writing about other peoples lives and stories.

Over the years I dabbled in tarot and astrology and numerology for fun, reading for friends and acquaintances, and taking courses to keep learning. It wasn’t till my late 40s I started to take my psychic abilities more seriously. Maybe one day I really could become a professional reader. Throughout my 50s, I still spent my days in corporate world but my evenings and weekends were often spent in training to truly develop my abilities.

“The more readings I did … the more I realised what I could offer was valuable to others.”

In 2020 I took the step to offer my psychic readings as a paid service. I started reading out of a crystal shop and set my table up at weekend expos. The more readings I did, and the more validations and referrals I received, the more I realised what I could offer was valuable to others.

Today the people who come to see me are usually looking for more clarity about their path and purpose from a spiritual perspective. And to seek psychic messages and insights to better understand current challenges and circumstances in their life.

I’m now in my 60s and happily out of the fast lane, enjoying a simple life with my husband and our two dogs on the coast. It’s in this  beautiful homely environment that my clients come for a memorable and personable hour-long psychic reading.


Susan Elizabeth

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